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You Must Read This

As you've no doubt recognized by now, I'm not a Redskins historian. Blame my age. Fortunately right across the Blogging Street Ben Folsom is somewhat of a Redskins History Buff. His endless knowledge and historical comparisons between current Redskins events and past ones never ceases to amaze me.

My knowledge of the Jack Kent Cooke ---> Dan Snyder ownership transferral of Your Washington Redskins is mostely limited to effects; we know that the team was a three time Superbowl Champion and perennial contender under JKC and the team has largely been a used toilet since. And, although JKC was inexorably linked with winning, and losing nearly always accompanies Dan Snyder, we must remember that correlations do not imply causations.

Except in this case. Why did you have to die JKC?

No more rambling. Get your rear over to the Curly R immediately. Ben Folsom has put together a brilliant and exhaustive account of the strange circumstances that led to the ownership of the Redskins by Dan Snyder. Some of it will be familiar to readers. Some of it will not. The piece, holistically, is brilliant and is a must read for serious Redskins fans. Get her done.

Also up is Ben's Brandon's weekly Five Questions this time with my SBN Collleague Van Ram at Turf Show Times. Remember Van Ram is going to inform us on St. Louis either today or tomorrow as well, so be sure to stop by his site and thank him (also to see Ben's Brandon's responses to his questions). Money shot:

Curly R: The Redskins signed former Ram Adam "Arch Deluxe" Archuleta to a ridiculous contract worth $10 million in guaranteed money. He's been a huge bust this year and has been relegated to special teams duty. Any chance the Rams might want him back? Please?

Van Ram: No thanks.

CURSES. Ben's questions are always clever, and I would post them all here if it weren't unethical to do so. If you want the rest you'll just have to head over to The Curly R yourself.

Update [2006-12-22 11:9:52 by Skin Patrol]: While I'm humping out Blog Links, check out Lee Gibbons weekly FYI on the Rams game, Covering the Redskins has Gregg Williams saying Adam Archuleta "will play"... probably special teams. Ben found a new blog. It rules.