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Redskins Pro Bowlers? We say Randy Thomas

Update [2006-12-19 18:9:33 by Skin Patrol]: By the way, Chris Samuels was the only Redskin to make the Pro Bowl and we're thrilled for him. Congrats to Chris. We also had four alternates: Sean Taylor, Chris Cooley, Antwaan Randle-El (for Punt Returns) and Marcus Washington. Randy Thomas = ROBBED.

Jack Kogod called for Mike Sellers and Jason La Canfora agrees. And you know what? I agree too. Mike Sellers is about as good a Fullback as the NFC can produce and he has earned it; the Redskins are the 3rd best Rushing Offense in the NFC (thanks largely to Sellers) behind San Fransisco and Atlanta. The difference is that San Fran and Atlanta haven't gone half the year without their starting Running Back.

But I will go a slightly different direction. The area this Redskins team has been pretty solid all year has been on the Offensive Line. We've run the ball well and done an excellent job at protecting the Quarterback. In the NFC, only the New Orleans Saints have given up fewer sacks. The Redskins give up a sack about 4.3% of the time, which is 3rd best in the NFC.

The two teams ahead of us in pass protection, Green Bay and New Orleans, average 4.1 and 3.6 yards per carry respectively. The Redskins? 4.5 yards per carry which is 4th best in the NFC.

Earlier in the year this line was receiving heaps of criticism, most of which I think was unwarranted. They've played good Football so far and have been better than anyone else in the NFC in both pass and run blocking. Our new zone blocking scheme rewarded us with 4 straight 100 yard games, despite our starting RB being in Injury Reserve.

Thus I feel if a 5 win team is to be represented in Hawaii at all, it should be by the offensive lineman we think has played the best this year. Everyone has stepped up: Jansen and Chris Samuels (Pro Bowl!) have been heroic in some performances and Derrick Dockery is playing as mistake-free Football as he has in his career. Casey Rabach showcased his toughness this week while playing with a broken hand. But no one has been as consistent as Randy Thomas who, game in and game out, is playing near flawless Football on our offensive line. Thus my vote goes to Thomas, Randy. You were robbed!

Readers, who (if anyone) do you think should have represented the team in the Pro Bowl?