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Redskins News/Blog Roll

I have said it before and I will say it again. Without Dan Steinberg's DC Sports Bog daily news aggregator, I wouldn't even know the Times existed. I shouldn't say that because they actually have excellent Redskins coverage.

For instance, Cornelius Griffin discusses his recent 30th birthday (December 3rd, what'd you get him?). Here's what he had to say about it: "I don't think age matters. There are a lot of lineman over 30 playing well. The only difference is that I have more wisdom than I used to." We love Cornelius Griffin, though it should be noted that his numbers have declined over the years in a process that is frequently referred to as "aging". Games played, tackles, sacks, passes defensed... all on the decline. No one escapes Father Time.

Shawn Springs says Carlos Rogers has "great hands". I wish (ambiguous verbiage -- perhaps hopeful?) that were true.

Obvious Headline Award goes to the Official Site: Key On 'D': Disrupting the Saints' Offense.

The Blogosphere is more interesting this morning. Ben at The Curly R chronicles the late-game playcalling woes of the Redskins this year. Remember our time-killing drive at the end of the Indy game? Thought we should've gone for 7 on our last possession against the Iggles? Driving the field against Tampa Bay slowly only to leave a 3 point deficit with half a minute on the clock? They're all there. Go check it out. (And we're still waiting on that Five Questions boss.) Update [2006-12-15 12:38:7 by Skin Patrol]: Here it is! Psst, thanks Ben.

Lee Gibbons has his helpful FYI: Redskins at Saints up. His over/under is at 30 points for the Saints. The rational Skin Patrol says that this Redskins defense is a good bit weaker than the past three teams the Saints have pasted over 30 points on. The Redskin fan Skin Patrol says under. And that's the official word: Saints UNDER 30 points.

Jason La Canfora had an excellent post up yesterday noting the dramatic statistical difference between the 5-0 Redskins that made a playoff run at the end of last year and the 15-25 Redskins that didn't. While there's no surprise that 5-0 teams perform statistically better than 15-25 teams, the amount of discrepency may shock you. Anyone who thought our 5-0 run was characteristic Redskins (and not just an anomaly) will be disappointed.

Tony Brown at Hog Heaven touches on our O-Line problems. Jon Jansen and Casey Rabach may not play against New Orleans. We may not win, either. Jack Kogood at AOL Fanhouse is also on this story. I agree with him: "If both guys come out to play the Skins might be able to run this streak all the way to the end. Even though it would be a small victory amidst several large-scale failures it would be a good indicator of individual determination." Casey Rabach returned to last week's game with a broken hand (as Kogood also notes). I'm a big fan of toughness.

Also, anyone who hasn't heard yet, the Joe-Gibbs-in-car-accident-story was bogus.

Tandler says this week was the best loss of the year. Looking back on the year I'd have to say it was the second Cowboys game. Wait wait wait... we won that game??? Go read what Tandler has to say because he's a much better writer than I am.

And finally, I want to introduce readers to Covering Redskins. Ben at Curly R pointed him out to me and apparently it's this totally thankless guy who has been reporting the Redskins news daily for over a year. So... go tell him thanks, because no one else has. Hogs Haven totally supports that kind of unrewarded Redskins loyalty.

Did I miss anything?