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What'd he say? 12-11-06

Joe Gibbs states the obvious:

We really hurt ourselves with penalties and turnovers... To our fans, I just want to say to them that I'm sorry we have lost this many games and certainly it's disappointing for all of us. For our team, I was proud about the way that they went after it and I think that anyone could see that.

He is also looking to next year:

I am curious to see how we finish because I think that will have a lot to say about the way people look at us and the way we feel about ourselves... The first year I was head coach [in 1981], I went 8-8 and we got hot at the end of the year. I felt like the way we finished that portion of the year led us towards the next year [a Super Bowl championship]... That has happened to me more than once. I want to see how we finish the year. I would say that definitely after last year that we were looking to keep the momentum.

Brandon Lloyd on penalties and red zone efficiency:

We have to convert in the red zone and eliminate some of the crazy penalties... It's not like we can go and practice on it, or work on it somehow. We have to focus on that and eliminate them.
Despite having just one catch on the game (for 40 yards), Brandon Lloyd was (it felt like) one of the few playerson our team that did not receive a penalty on Sunday.

Carlos Rogers on Reggie Brown's 60 yard catch:

[Reggie Brown] Gave me a double move and kind of ran towards the middle of the field; can't do nothing about it.
Ironically his double negative has it exactly right. He cannot do nothing about it; the point is to do something about it when the opposing player is about to get behind you for a big play. Like... keep them in front of you.

I thought I saw Rocky McIntosh in the game, despite him not accumulating any stats. So says Howard Bryant:

Washington Redskins rookie Rocky McIntosh played with the first defensive unit in its base package for the first time this season. McIntosh, the Redskins' top pick in the April draft, has been a consistent performer on special teams but until yesterday had not been able to crack the defensive rotation at weak-side linebacker.

Ladell Betts remains confident:

I knew I could carry the load... Everything I've done I've always known I could do. I believe in what Joe Gibbs has [planned] for us. And I think we're going to turn it around. We ran our inside zone plays all day long -- the gut plays, running downhill. This is what we want to do, except we want to get seven points out of these drives instead of three.

Randy Thomas, probably the best player on the team, keeps it brief (hat tip: DC Sports Bog):

I don't know what to do... You go out and rush the ball, you get plays, you show greatness ... We're teasing ourselves. We tease at being great.
And Casey Rabach:
We're putting ourselves in good positions, and we just kind of screw ourselves... Statistically it doesn't matter what you do. It's what's on the scoreboard.
I don't know if I care for the linemen's description of this team; apparently we're just a tease that, despite being in good positions, we prefer to screw ourselves instead. Yikes.

Post any other interesting/relevant gameday quotes below.