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OPEN THREAD: Eagles @ Redskins 1:00PM Eastern

Your Redskins are taking on the Iggles in about one hour. We're in full playoff busting mode and eliminating at least one (but possibly both!) of our NFC East rivals from postseason contention would be a nice consolation gift to an otherwise dissapointing season. Also that Mustachoed Monster Jason Campbell will be playing.

We've got previews: Curly R (and yes, they own the Saturday market. I forfeit), Official Site, NFL,  Redskin Report, Hog Heaven.

Jeff Garcia runs the Eagles now and will look to pass early and often on our porous secondary. Brandon Lloyd's going to start, despite his vicious, uncalled for helmet attack on Mother Earth.

Jason of Bleeing Green Nation has his Open Thread up as well so stop by there for some good natured homerist banter.

My prediction: Good guys best the Eagles 20-13.

Post your thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and whatever else below. HTTR.