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Atlanta Falcons @ Redskins Sunday 1:00 PM Eastern

Game 2 -- of our epic six-game winning streak that carries us into the postseason this year -- is this Sunday against the Atlanta Vickbirds.

Back in reality let's try and take this game by game. The Networks, those devils, have determined that the Redskins aren't worth the time of day to even a semi-national viewing audience. Instead we're relegated to South Carolina and the DC area so... if you don't live there you better hit your closest sports drinkatorium.

Redskins Injury Report: Backup linebacker Khary Campbell (Hamstring), WR David Patten (Hamstring), and safety Troy Vincent (hamstring??) are all questionable. What's the deal with the damn hamstrings? Shawn Springs is probable with a hamstring as well. Santana Moss is missing from the injury report for the first time in weeks, meaning he's probably going to have like 200 yards and 5 touchdowns. So that's good news.

The Falcons will miss starting CB Jason Webster and possibly Jimmy Williams, who is another CB. That means their secondary could be awful thin, particularly on 3 WR sets. With our unit fully healthy for the first time in a month, this is a matchup I think we need to exploit.

Stats: Atlanta is a top 10 offense, largely under the legs of their rushing game. They are waaaay out in front on rushing offense, averaging nearly 50 yards more per game and nearly a full yard more per attempt than any team in the league. And yet they only have 7 rushing touchdowns. Keeping Vick contained and stopping their rush from start to finish may be a task that this resurgnent Redskins defense isn't up to, but we can hope. I predict at least 100 yards for Atlanta. For the record, the Redskins have allowed fewer rushing touchdowns than any other team in the entire league. Admittedly this is because teams don't need to run the ball in when they break big passing plays -- which the Redskins have been susceptible to.

Atlanta has the 22nd ranked defense in the league. They're strong against the run but are 30th in the league against the pass. See above regarding their injured cornerbacks as well. This is a game that Jason Campbell will have to win and frankly that doesn't scare me in the least. He doesn't even need a functioning headset.

Here's the weather forecast for FedEx field. Sunday is partly cloudy with highs in the low 50s and lows in the mid 30s.

As this team, under Jason Campbell, officially qualifies for "Team of Destiny", the Redskins are fated to go 9-7 this year and sneak into the playoffs followed by an undefeated post season culminating in a glorious SuperBowl victory. My prediction is Redskins 24, Vickbirds 17.

Here's how we win:

  1. Play defense like we did last week.
  2. Stay hydrated.
And we win.

Seriously if we play defense like we did last week we should be fine. Their rushing attack is a monster that cannot be contained, but Mike Vick still has trouble beating teams through the air. If we can limit the run game to human levels, I feel like our secondary is playing at a high enough level to keep the score low.

Offensively this will be the first time Jason Campbell has had a Superhero healthy Santana Moss. They've also had more practice together this week than they have previously, meaning that any timing issues should be sorted out by now. His passing development should continue unabated against one of the worst (and injured) secondaries in the league, so long as our offensive line plays like they did last week as well. Atlanta has been fairly effective this year at pressuring quarterbacks. The cleaner JC's jersey at game's end, the better.

Additional prediction: Redskins throw deep first play on a play action to Santana Moss.

Post your predictions/game thoughts below.