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Technical Difficulties

Some readers had mentioned this to me via email and so I wanted to address it generally. Hogs Haven's RSS and Atom feeds are currently down. It is a semi-network sized problem and I have been assured that it is being worked on as we speak.

I ask that Hogs Haven readers (if there are any!) remain patient while we get this technical issue sorted out. Let me take a quick opportunity to praise the thankless but awesome tech support of the Sports Blog Nation. This site would not be possible without their herculean efforts at fixing the daily gremlins associated with our large network (which now numbers over 100 sports blogs!).

Also I would like to strongly urge Hogs Haven readers (if there are any!) to register for the site at your earliest convenience. Hogs Haven is a community blog and doesn't "work" without the contributions of the readers as much as my own. The diaries sections is designed for you to sound off on just about anything you feel like. I promise that registration can be completed in under 120 seconds. Two minutes ain't so bad, is it?