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I'm bored so here's what others are saying:

Curly R's Five Questions with Dave from SBN's The Falcoholic is up. Here's the highlight reel (only because it makes me feel less awful about the TJ Duckett trade!):

Curly R: How's that TJ Duckett-Ashley Lelie trade working out for you guys? Over here in Washington, TJ is on pace for about 30 carries for about 130 yards...for the season. Just effing brilliant Mr. Snyder.

The Falcoholic: I'm not sure why you guys aren't using Duckett more. He's had conditioning problems in the past, but he's an excellent goal line and short yardage back, and it seems like he was picked up just to add a veteran presence to the bench. That being said, Lelie's been more or less a bust, as well. He's shown flashes of talent, but he doesn't get open enough and Vick can't seem to get the ball to him, so he's done roughly jack. He's on pace to produce 26 receptions and 447 yards with no TDs, which...isn't very good.

Quick Injury update from Redskins Insider: Rock Cartwright and Kenny Wright did not practice yesterday, nor did linebacker Khary Campbell. Should be more updates today.
Also, "Moss Makes Progress" (scroll down to the middle of the article). He's practicing and should be playing this Sunday.

I love Lee Gibbons' optimism about our schedule, though I'm not betting on a Redskins' postseason just yet. But if he's saying there's a chance... Also check out his game preview, mine to follow later.

Hog Heaven takes a look at that TJ Duckett trade and determines that we won. He's got a point; the Falcons didn't win anything with Lelie and Duckett's replacement, Jerius Norwood, isn't close to matching TJ's touchdowns from last year. Still, I think history will place this under the "bad move" category especially after Denver gets a shot at our draft picks. Time will tell.

Transcript from Tom Friend's LIVE QnA at the Post yesterday. Hogs Haven snuck in a question about the authority of his sources which was quickly snuffed. Oh well.

Jack Kogood thinks Gregg Williams might be on the hot seat. He raises an interesting point though one I respectfully disagree with. Given his resume I think Gregg Williams is still safe in his position. Whether or not a few players are buying into his system is irrelevant... when we're winning and/or the defense is holding up its end of the bargain. He'll get more than one bad year's worth of slack. If anyone is gone, it's safeties coach Steven Jackson who is quickly approaching scapegoat status. That is unless, of course, this defense regresses into its 2004 and 2005 form throughout this season.

Head on over to Behind the Steel Curtain to see the current standings in Blitzburgh's Pick 'Em Challenge. Loyal Hogs Haven contributor zknower is dominating all the competition. You'll also notice me owning reader TexSkins, as he couldn't pick the winner in a Globetrotter's game.

Q&A with assistant head coach-offense Joe Bugel (do we have silly titles or what) re: the offensive line. Money quote:

"This week, I showed them the tape of the Carolina game, and I said, 'This is what the standard is all about. You can't pay it lip service, you have to go out and do it.'
Couldn't agree more. We gave up 1 sack against one of the better sacking defenses in the league. Julius Peppers was skunked. Oh by the way we also had nearly 150 yards on the ground. If the line and the defense play like that every game we will win out and I did just say that.

Tell me what I missed.