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SB Nation NFL Midseason Awards

Big Blue Shoe at Stampede Blue took the time to collect the votes and calculate the winners, so big thanks to him for that. Check out his original post here.

Here are the SB Nation NFL Mid-Season Awards as voted on by the various SB Nation Football bloggers:

The Studs:

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning, QB Colts

Offensive Player: Peyton Manning, QB Colts

Defensive Player: Champ Bailey, CB Broncos

Coach: Sean Payton, Saints

Rookie: Marques Colston, WR Saints

The Duds:

Worst Player: Ben Roethlisberger, QB Steelers (Edgerrin James, RB Cardinals, pulled in a very close second)

Worst Coach: Tie between Dennis Green (Arizona Cardinals) and Nick Saban (Miami Dolphins)

Worst Rookie: Reggie Bush, RB Saints. Somewhere, Stewart Scott at ESPN is crying.

Some funny nuggets from the SB Nation writers as they turned in their ballots:

From WCG:

Biggest Thrill that they are so Bad: Redskins, so much money, so little wins.

I'm sure Skin Patrol appreciates that.

From saint:

Worst Coach: Saban... With a shout out to Tom Walsh!!!

Walsh is the offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders, the team saint blogs for. Oakland was shut out again on Monday Night Football this week. As you can see, saint is a little upset.

Though not a category, the best write-in stuff game from Gonzo at Daily Norseman:

Best Defensive Player: I'm going to throw in a write-in for Pat Williams here. Yes, he's awesome. Yes, I'm a homer. No, I don't care.
Worst Player: Another write-in vote for a guy from my team... Troy Williamson... kid couldn't catch gonorrhea in a Vietnamese whorehouse.
Worst Rookie: Reggie Bush... and I wasted a second-round fantasy pick on the guy.

That concludes the 2006 Mid-Season awards. We'll do a 2006 Season Awards when the regular season concludes.