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Word on the street is...

The Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys. Jason La Canfora takes a look at the good and the bad... then realizes there's a time for analyzing and a time for gloating. And it's Gloatin' time for Redskins fans.

Lee Gibbons is speechless. Ben Folsom at The Curly R thinks this is one of the stranger games ever and wants to know where the hell TJ Duckett was on our first posession (for the record, I'd also like to know that). TJ Duckett did dress for this game and the only thing keeping him from playing were the coaches.

Cowboys fans are really, really, really, really, really disappointed. And I'm enjoying it way too much.

Ben Folsom agrees with Boswell; despite the win we won't know more about this team until Philly. But for now, we're 3-5 (and not 2-6).

Peter King relents and says something nice about the Redskins, for once. Troy Vincent wins his Special Teams player of the week. Ok ok ok... three way tie. Terrell Owens wins goat of the week, though a strong case can be made that he's goat of the year/decade/century/NFL history.

Thank Pro Football Talk for this gem:

Today is a good day.