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Welcome Back Sean

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Fixed. I am a horrible website editor. Props to Zknower.

We all know that Washington Redskin's Safety Sean Taylor is the leading cause of bladder failure in the NFL. Consider the evidence:

Well he also won NFC Defensive Player of the Week with his 6 tackle + interception performance against Carolina.

In a key NFC showdown, Taylor had six tackles, an interception and a pass defensed in the Redskins' 17-13 win over the Carolina Panthers. In a tight game, Taylor made two impact plays down the stretch to help Washington pull out the victory. With 2:16 remaining in the game and the Redskins holding on to a 17-13 lead, Carolina faced a fourth-and-6 from the Washington 33-yard line. Panthers wide receiver Drew Carter caught a short pass and Taylor came up and stopped the receiver two yards short of the first down, turning the ball over on downs to the Redskins. On Carolina's final drive, with the Panthers looking to take the lead, Taylor sealed the game with an interception in the end zone with 1:10 remaining. For the game, the Washington defense held the Panthers to 264 total yards with 101 rushing yards and 163 passing yards.

In his third year from Miami, this is Taylor's first career Player of the Week Award.

Shocking that this is his first. Criminal, really, as he's been punishing people every game since 2004.

Other award winning Redskins this year include Troy Vincent's NFC Special Team's Player in Week 9 for his blocked FG against Dallas that ultimately set up an upset victory over the Cowgirls, as well as Santana Moss' inhuman 3 TD game against Jacksonville (including the game winner in overtime) which won him the NFC Offensive Player honors in week 4.

Keep it up fellas.