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Nick Novak isn't going anywhere

Per The Washington Times (hat tip: DC Sports Bog), Nick Novak will continue with his job. He does get a threat of replacement from the practice squad, though:

Nick Novak remains the Washington Redskins' kicker even though he has missed half of his 10 attempts, including a 37-yarder Sunday against Carolina. But the team did sign Shaun Suisham to its practice squad yesterday.
Receiver Ryan Hoag (who?) was the practice squad casualty to make room for Shaun.

I trust in Nick Novak for no good reason. He's a dismal 50% this year and has missed some very makeable kicks. I don't know if Shaun Suisham is the answer either, as he wasn't even good enough to kick for the Cowboys who are a constant source of failed kicking entertainment.

What pleases me is that we didn't get Vanderjagt or his expensive contract. There's something wrong with him physically or mentally (according to TexSkins). Perhaps more evidence for the latter:

Published reports in Texas said Vanderjagt, the most accurate kicker in NFL history, is returning to his home in Canada and doesn't plan to kick again this season.
Who knows what is up with Vanderjagt, but whatever it is we don't exactly need it.

I'll be busy for the next few days but we will have two intersting features coming up, one being the SBN Football bloggers discussion regarding the Best QB In History (continue that discussion below or wherever). Also Dave from The Falcoholic will be stopping by tomorrow to inform us of our enemy this week, the Atlanta Falcons.