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How do you rank the greatest?

Perhaps it's a misleading question. Is the greatest Quarterback of all time the winningest in the regular season or the one who has the most rings? The clutchest quarterback or the one who consistently completed passes? Was it someone who impacted the game a certain way or merely someone who raised the bar so high that none could leap over it?

The question itself has been and will be debated endlessly for the rest of history. The SBN Football Bloggers are currently having that discussion and I wanted to get some additional input from Redskins fans. Can a distinguished career ever be considered great if one does not have a Superbowl (or comparable Championship) ring? Which weighs more? Why is it that Dan Marino, who arguably accomplished more in Miami than Joe Montana or John Elway or Johnny Unitas or other considered greats, never gets a fair hearing in these arguments? Should he?

Sammy Baugh is the best quarterback ever (more on that later) so it's kind of a meaningless debate. But have at it anyways.

Also there's an excellent Guest Post over at the Curly R which is superbly written and takes an historic account of the Redskins and examines where we stand now. I don't agree with everything in it, but the piece is definitely thought provoking and an entertaining read. So get on that.