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Redskins beat Panthers without functioning headsets

First let me say that I am thrilled with the win. There were some things that didn't go as well as I would've liked, but in the end we still walked away from this one with a win. Second let me say that I feel like crap, as I'm sick as a dog. It's probably Bird Flu, or the black plague, or Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. So forgive the shortened recap. Third let me say that I understand the site went down this weekend for a significant amount of time and I apologize for any inconvenience that caused. One of the advantages of being hosted by SBN is that I don't have to worry about the technical aspect of running this site. One of the disadvantages is that I'm at the mercy of others. My experience with SBN has been overwhelmingly positive, and our technical guru Jon is a miracle worker.

Here's what you need to know from The Post: The defense actually played like one, scooping two interceptions and keeping the (admittedly soft) Carolina Panther's offense in check. Important Stat: 8 of the Panthers possessions were 3 and outs, two more ended in interceptions thanks to Sean Taylor and Vernon Fox. Adam Archuleta is officially forgotten.

Rocky McIntosh blocked a kick that led to a Campbell to ARE go-ahead touchdown. Get this kid starting please.

Chris Cooley had a season best game and the longest reception of his career. Through the past few games Cooley has been a favorite target of Campbell and, given the former's proficiency at finding the endzone, I'm fine with that.

Despite the incredible touchdown pass, Shawn Springs largely blanketed Steve Smith who was held to just 34 yards on the game and did not have a reception over 10 yards. No one on the Panthers had a reception for over 20 yards.

We will not dwell on any negatives today mostly because I do not feel up to the task and also because we won. I apologize again about the lack of a more thorough recap, but my computer ate one earlier attempt and, as I mentioned above, I'm under the weather with Miner's Lung or Leprosy or Pink Eye or some other unspeakably horrible disease.

These guys might have a better scoop. Recaps:, Hail Redskins, Skinsaphrenia, Redskins Insider, Redskin Report, Hog Heaven, and AOL Fanhouse.

HTTR. I'm dieing.