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Post-Turkey Reading

For a little light-yet-fascinating reading on Jason Campbell's development as an NFL quarterback, check out this article at Wahington

It's about Rom Jaworski, former all-pro QB and now an analyst for ESPN. He broke down every tape of Campbell from last Sunday's game, and he likes what he sees.

Go read the full article--it's worth it--but here's an example:

Play-action. Campbell throws to Betts for 14 yards. Checking down to a running back is the habit for which his predecessor, Mark Brunell, was vilified. But Jaworski loves it.

"Exact read, and a good, accurate throw. When I'm talking about quarterbacks, I'm not talking about a guy trying to go 8 for 8," Jaworski says. "I'm talking about what it's going to take to play at a championship level consistently. He makes this throw, and people say, 'Oh, nice throw.'

"To me, this is a great throw. He puts the ball on the outside hip, allows the back to turn up the field and get extra yards. I've seen this with quarterbacks and the ball is behind him. They have to stop. What should be a 10-yard gain becomes a one-yard gain because of the accuracy of the throw."

Also: Injury updates from Moss is probable; Patten and Vincent are definitely out.