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Late Happy Turkey Day

So that Tony Romo guy is pretty good. Not good. The Romosexuals aren't going away anytime soon. Oh well.

I hope everyone had a fun, safe Thanksgiving.

Fun fact: Squanto, the famous Patuxet Native American who aided the Pilgrims on Thanksgiving, is probably one of the most remarkable human beings in recorded history. Born in the New World, Squanto was kidnapped by Europeans twice yet both times amazingly escaped capture to return to his home. On his first venture, he lived in England for 9 years before returning to America with John Smith's voyage. One of Smith's men, some asshole named Thomas Hunt, kidnapped Squanto again and tried to sell him into slavery. The ever elusive Squanto escaped, went back to England, and eventually hopped a boat to New Foundland.

We salute you Squanto.

I'm hungover. Have a great weekend Redskins nation.