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Hogs Haven welcomes The Phinsider

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I taste best with tuna fish!

Warm welcome to The Phinsider, the newest addition to the SportsBlog Nation. Phinatic will be contributing all your Miami Dolphin needs, if you have any.

Did you know: Bottlenose Dolphins (which the popular Dolphin in the Miami Dolphins' logo is modeled after) are sex-crazed meanie heads, frequently kidnapping and molesting smaller female dolphins. They are also known to kill for reasons other than hunger. But these homicidal sexual deviants don't stop with their own species, they've even been witnessed to attack humans, intimately. And I quote:

Male dolphins often become aggressive and endanger swimmers because of dominant and sexual behaviour.
So the next time someone says they are a fan of the Dolphins, out them for the closet debauchee they really are.

I'm sure glad we have a tasteful mascot.