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Here is the broadcast map for the game. No one outside of the DC and Tampa Bay area is catching this one; head to the bars if you live in the Styx.

This is all your fault, Networks!

Redskins injury report: Clinton Portis is out for the season. Christian Fauria and Santana Moss are both questionable.

I am too stupid to navigate Tampa Bay's official website, which is one big mess of a homepage. Perhaps consistent with their pirate theme, finding anything on that cluster fuck is as satisfying as finding buried treasure. Whatever.

Thanks to the, here's their best take on Tampa Bay's injury concerns. Scroll down. Starters Juran Bolden, Michael Pittman, Simeon Rice, Ellis Wyms, and Shelton Quarles are all questionable, though I covered that here.

It's Tampa so the weather will either be fine or else it won't.

The Curly R has its weekly 5 questions up with the (alleged) Best Bucs Blog. Here is your highlight, head over to Curly R for the Full Monty:

Curly R: Do you ever miss the old Buccaneers uniforms? I mean, the winking, tangerine-colored pirate with a sword in his mouth was awesome!

BBB: Hells yeah, I'm hoping they rock the Creamsicle jerseys for the Thanksgiving game. Bring Back the Winking Pirate!

For the record, this is what Best Bucs Blog pines nostalgic for:

Is that some booty in your pocket or is this just a bad joke