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Art Monk will have another shot at the HOF

and he deserves it. Here is a list of the 25 semi-finalists for this year's HoF ballot. Former Redskin O-lineman, and founding member of the Hogs, Russ Grimm is also a semi-finalist.

There is an abundance of evidence for a Monk bid and websites devoted to this particular topic. Here are a few:

Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign.

Elect Art Monk.

The Hogs Art Monk Page.

When Art Monk retired he was the #1 receiver in NFL history having amassed 940 receptions, a record later broken by sure-thing first ballot HoFer Jerry Rice. He was the first person in NFL history to have a reception in at least 164 games, he was the first player to finish a season with 106 receptions, and he was the first player to reach 900 receptions.

The Hall of Fame Committee should think deeply about what it means if Art Monk is not worthy of Canton. More importantly it should worry what that means about who does deserve to go, namely: no one besides Jerry Rice. Art Monk embodied professionalism on the field. Despite finding the endzone 68 times, he was not a showboat. Art Monk did not invent elaborate celebrations after TD catches, he simply went about his business as usual. He was not physically the most talented person on the field, but he practiced obsessively and was an incredibly hard worker. He was always a team player and never let something as trivial as three Super Bowl rings get in the way of that.

Until Art Monk is given entrance to the Hall of Fame, I'll continue to view their club as a total embarrassment. If a career's worth of hard work, nearly unprecedented success, and unequaled professionalism isn't good enough to get one into the Hall of Fame, then Canton doesn't deserve Art Monk.

This guy on the other hand...