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Miss Maryland is a Redskin

Where have the Cheerleaders been lately?

Maryland is awesome.

Meet Miss Maryland USA 2007 Michae' Holloman. Meet her again why don't you:

Still awesome.

While we were pulling off an unlikely victory against the Dallas Cowboys November 5th, she was winning the Miss Maryland USA 2007 Beauty Pageant. We forgive her for missing the game, if only for the above photos. Check out her bio here which also has additional pictures of Michae'.

Interesting Fact: "It's very important to me that we have a connection whether it is through meaningful conversation or simply by staring in each other's eyes!" I'm not attractive, witty, nor terribly clever. But I have won my fair share of staring contests and I have a feeling that many of my readers have (or could) as well. Keep practicing, there's hope for us yet.

Check out Michae' and more Redskins cheerleaders at the official site here. Thank them for all the photos.