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Clinton Portis probably out for season

Update [2006-11-15 12:32:2 by Skin Patrol]: It's official, Clinton Portis is on Injury Reserve and will miss the remainder of this season.

Fantasy owners beware, Clinton Portis will likely be placed on Injury Reserve after he undergoes season ending shoulder surgery (hat tip:DC Sports Bog).

Team officials initially suggested Portis would miss 3-4 weeks, but might return for the last few games of the season. But after further consideration, the Redskins decided that bringing Portis back late in the year was perhaps too risky. Given the decision that he wouldn't play again in 2006, Portis and team officials then decided it was best to have his left shoulder repaired as well. The shoulder surgery probably will take place in the next week.
Given that he wouldn't be back for at least 4 weeks, he'd only be available for 3 games late in the season.

Initially I thought putting CP on IR was unlikely, given that it is at least possible that we make a post season run and surgery would take him out of that equation entirely. I don't know whether this was a coaching decision, a personal decision by CP, or some combination thereof, but it appears that the team has essentially abandoned 2006. I don't know how I feel about that, yet. We wish Portis the best and hope he recovers quickly enough from the injury to rehab in time for the offseason workouts.

The biggest loser from this are the Redskins, who lose the best offensive player we have. Still, he would've been out for weeks so the team was already preparing for life without CP.

The biggest winners are TJ Duckett and Ladell Betts, who will both see increased roles in this offense. While I hope they both perform well, I'm concerned about two running backs in the final years of their contracts increasing their stock. By year's end I fear it will be impossible to sign both, or either cheaply. Given that we don't know much about Duckett yet, I don't know which I would rather retain, though Ladell Betts has been a reliable runner and pass catcher thus far.

His placement on injury reserve will end Portis' most dissapointing year to date. Last year he set the Redskins' single season rushing record with 1516 yards. In just his second year in the league, Protis set his career record with 1591 rushing yards. If he fails to return, CP will finish 2006 with just 523 yards on 127 carries with 7 touchdowns.