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Jason Campbell Talk Soup

Notice the clever title. I combined Jason's first name, with his last name which is also a company that makes canned soup. And then I threw in the old E! show Talk... Soup. Get it? Yargh I'm uncool.

In any event here's what the bloggers are saying (Jason Campbell is starting this Sunday, wake up).

Lee Gibbons: Praise the Lord. He doesn't care if the Redskins still stink, it at least makes the games interesting. I tend to agree; as fans we can now enjoy the development of a player and a team together. We've completely lacked an identity offensively, and perhaps now we can generate one.

Zach Powell at Hog Heaven agrees: A sigh of relief from FedEx field. Jason Campbell brings "hope", Mark Brunell can't stand firm in the pocket, and our receivers are open but not getting quality looks. Agree, agree, agree.

Ben Folsom at The Curly R is much more pessimistic. Quote: This is giving up. I rarely disagree with Ben as he's usually spot on, and I see his point which is, generally, that people should realize this is a season ending decision.

What I disagree with him on is whether that's even an important point to make. The season was over weeks ago, Sunday was just the nail in the coffin. If you're emotionally serious about the chances of this football team making the post season, then your mindset towards a continuation of Mark Brunell should be resignation to a losing 2nd half: nothing is more apparent at this point than the fact that we cannot win with MB. We might (replace with "probably won't" if you'd like, it makes little difference) not be able to win with Jason Campbell. But I'd take the unknown spark that fails to ignite over the dwindling candle (admitted former pyro analogy) any day. The only thing worse, in my mind, than hanging this season on the shoulders of a rookie is perpetuating failure by refusing to make necessary changes. The Redskins were barely 3-6 (two plays away from 1-8) with Mark Brunell. A continuation of that era serves us in neither the present nor the future. JC at least has potential, particularly for the latter.

That's why I view this as a worthwhile move. Giving up is when .333 teams continue business as usual. It's a slow, undignified death.

Michael David Smith at the AOL Fanhouse agrees that the season is over; Eliminated: Washington Redskins, though he does think this is the right move.

His AOL Fanhouse colleague Jack Kogood is "thrilled": The Brunell Era Is Dead! Long Live the Campbell Era!.

David Gaines at Skinsaphrenia thinks that losing with Jason Campbell is more wortwhile than losing with Brunell, for good reason.

But now with Campbell taking the helm, if we lose, we lose. It comes with someone who has been inactive for his entire short career after being selected in the first round of the draft. At least any losses would be learning experiences that will translate into victories. Brunell's losses gave no hope for a turn around some day.
In other words, this team can actually grow offensively. Mark Brunell was always a year away from being benched anyways and was a "win now or else" QB. We aren't winning now, ergo...

Post your own thoughts on the big change below.

Update [2006-11-14 11:57:31 by Skin Patrol]: Damn good post over at Jason La Canfora's blog about Jason Campbell the person. Must read.