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Jason Campbell will start Sunday against Tampa Bay

As this was breaking news, I felt it deserved its own post.

The move was confirmed by Jason La Canfora at the Washington Post here.

After being inactive for 27 games as a pro, Jason Campbell will start Sunday in Tampa Bay, replacing embattled veteran Mark Brunell.

"I'm going to make this move and basically it's to hope we can get more production," said Coach Joe Gibbs. "[Mark] understands. I'm sure he doesn't agree about it."

You can listen to the announcement here. Click "LIVE Broadcast: Watch Now".

I am extremely excited as I called for this weeks ago. I want to stress that this is by no means "giving up" on the season; we weren't going anywhere with Brunell. We certainly were not a team capable of winning 7 games in a row (which is essentially what we need for post season).

Jason Campbell gives us a deep threat as well as represents the future of this football team. I want to stress to fans that his introduction to the NFL will likely be rocky, and he will struggle at times. People might even suggest that we were better off with Brunell. But whatever happens this move is in the best interests of the future of this franchise as determining where Jason Campbell is at developmentally is crucial to evaluating our needs as a team.

We have too much talent on offense to be where we are at relative to the rest of the league. Our passing offense should be a potent, deep threat, not just something we do when we can't run the ball.

This is a good day for Jason Campbell and the Redskins. HTTR.