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It's Philly Week

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles 1:00PM Eastern this Sunday

The Nation will be watching Your Washington Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend. NFL Preview of the game here.

Philly Injury Report. Not much to see here besides some probables that will likely play. They won't play hurt.

Neither will we. Though the injury report has Fauria and Moss as questionable both are likely to play per Jason La Canfora.

Check out my State of the Redskins or perhaps the State of the Eagles complements Jason at Bleeding Green Nation.

My keys to winning this game:

Note: I've always wanted to do a cheeseball Keys to the Game! feature because I love it when broadcasters present the predictable list of "duh" platitudes. Team A must run ball well. Team B must not give up run. Team A must score more points before regulation is over. Anyways, here goes.

  1. Special Teams needs some points. A touchdown on special teams could quickly erase our seven points underdog status. Not since week two against Dallas have the Redskins scored on ST, though last week Troy Vincent and Sean Taylor essentially won it for us with some brilliant late game heroics.
  2. Bend-but-don't-break. I'm not holding my breath on the number one offense facing the 30th ranked defense. Philly is going to move the ball against us one way or another. The key is keeping them out of the endzone and forcing them to settle for three. If this becomes a shoot out, Mark Brunell's noodle-arm is not going to save us. In the event that Brunell's noodle-arm saves us I will eat crow and cheer wildly anyways.
  3. When opportunity knocks, you club the hell out of it and drag it inside. The Redskins are the worst in the league in interceptions and dead last in total turnovers. If we want to beat Philly we have got to do a better job of generating turnovers and taking advantage of them when they occur. No letting Dono passes bounce off our helmets. No watching the other team land on a fumble.
Post your own Keys to the Game! below.

Update [2006-11-10 17:32:56 by Skin Patrol]: The Curly R has its weekly Five Questions With The Enemy up. There are two interviewees (our speakers go to 11)! Here is the highlight, go to Curly R for the rest you freeloaders:

Curly R BONUS QUESTION: Rocky? C'mon, give me a break. He's featured as prominently as Dono in the stadium game intro video, and with the sixth movie coming out next month, it seems appropriate to ask, isn't it time Philadelphia move on to a real person for inspiration? What about Vince Papale? What's wrong with Ben freakin Franklin?

Bleeding Green Nation: Honestly I haven't seen Rocky in the stadium intro videos in a while... but yeah, I agree that it's probably time to move on.

Wilbert Montgomery: Philly will never give-up Rocky. Sorry that's just they way it is.

I pity Philadelphia.