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Slander! Baloney! Bunkum!

If I had to choose an unsung hero for this football team (but I loves them all!) it would be Mike Sellers. I have a man crush on him, mostly because of his incredible play at fullback and on special teams, but also because he has a great story. Success, failure, redemption, it's all here.

I won't bore you with details because the details aren't boring. Sellers played at Walla Walla Community College and became the youngest player to sign a contract in Canadian Football History. He played first for the Edmonton Eskimos on offense and defense and later for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers while he repaired his career from an alleged drug charge -- later dismissed.

Last year he broke out huge in Washington with seven touchdowns on just 12 receptions. He also helped this guy set the all-time Redskins single season rushing record last year.

The official position of this website is that Mike Sellers is a worthy of a man-crush and unnecessary, unsubstantiated, and unverified attacks on him will not be tolerated. Enter unknown Philadelphia Eagles special teamer Jason Short (hat tip: DC Sports Bog). Per this article, Jason Short has accused Mike Sellers of spitting in his face on two separate occations.

There is absolutely no evidence to support this allegation. Sean Taylor might lob the occasional loogie but not Mike Sellers. He's an angel. An angel that draws its power from the devoured souls of kick returners.

Moving on, despite a total lack of evidence, the story ran anyways and this site feels obligated to respond in Sellers' defense, not that he needs us to do so since he can eat most homo sapiens in a single bite.

It was bad enough that he suffered broken legs on special-teams plays in those games, but the Eagles linebacker said he also had to endure an indignity when Redskins fullback Mike Sellers spat in his face.
First off there is a difference between an alleged incident and an incident. If Jason Short says Mike Sellers spit in his face, that don't make it so. If spitgate happened, the NFL didn't notice. Google and Yahoo searches yield no penalty taken against our beloved Sellers.

Second, I don't particularly care for how the Centre Daily depicts the incident. Some people might enjoy being spit on by Mike Sellers. Calling it an "indignity" is assuming that Mike Sellers spit is uncomfortable, or unpleasent. I'd typically reserve the word "indignity" for a real disgrace -- for instance, being Jason Short. For all Jason Short knows, Mike Sellers' spit is the hidden cure for the common cold and ugly-child-syndrome. Apparently Jason Short doesn't care much for kids.

Two seasons ago at Washington, "he was mad because I threw him down on the ground and he started getting beat up and he looked like crap," Short said. "Who knows? I think he was mad because he was getting the bad end of the stick out there and he started playing dirty.
Ignoring the jejunity of saying a grown man looks like crap (no YOU look like crap, crapface!), I don't think a guy with 12 career solos can credibly accuse a stud like Mike Sellers of performing poorly on the field. Mike Sellers had 13 tackles last year alone (don't forget the touchdowns). Jason Short was not beating up anyone.

This is what I think of these baseless accusations (scroll down).