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And we're back.

All apologies for my short absence. The personal matter has been resolved and I can now realign my priorities to what's really important: Redskins Football.

Very interesting read at the official site for those of you interested in the Jason Campbell saga. We might have the stupidest QB strategy in history, as the article repeats that, although Jason Campbell is taking snaps with the first team offense (as he did much of last week), Mark Brunell is the starter and Todd Collins is his backup.

So let's add this up. We give our third string quarterback reps with the first team because the starting QB is recovering from a nagging rib injury. It would make more sense just to promote Jason Campbell now, as neither Mark Brunell (37) nor Todd Collins (36 on Saturday, happy birthday guy) are the future. As happy as I am to see JC get the reps, I still have to admit that if the starting QB is an injury concern then we need to give the 1st team reps with the guy who will replace him just in case. In this instance that person appears to be Collins.

As of now our plan for Dallas is to give the people who we could possibly play in that game the least amount of practice for that game. Mark Brunell has to sit out, and rather than firmly announcing Campbell or Collins as the backup and giving them reps, we'd rather announce the latter but give the former practice. Why? Does this mean Joe Gibbs will pull a depth chart switcharoo on Sunday? If so, why make Campbell and Collins split 1st team reps on Monday? It just doesn't make any sense!

In unrelated news, last week I forgot to link to The Curly R's bye Week 5 questions with the Detroit Lions. He traded an interview with my SBN colleague Sean at Pride of Detroit, our resident Lion's blogger. Highlight:

Curly R BONUS QUESTION: Speaking of 1991, the Redskins destroyed the Barry Sander-less Lions 45-0 in the opening game on their way to an 11-0 start. Redskins and Lions met again in the NFC Championship, which the Redskins won 41-10, featuring 5 sacks of Erik Kramer, 44 yards rushing for Barry Sanders and a pick-6 for Darrell Green. Since that game, the Lions are 0-5 in the playoffs, have had five winning seasons in 14 years and gone through seven head coaches. 1991 was your year and the Redskins were the cockblock. Does this memory make you bitter, or truly bitter?

Pride of Detroit: Really, it doesn't make me bitter at all. It should, but since there has been so much crap that Lions fans have had to take in the last 5 or so years, those memories are almost long gone it seems like. Bad draft picks, choked games, and taking the wind in overtime are just some of the things we've had to suffer through. That is what I'm bitter over. If you go back in time just in the new millennium, there are probably a hundred different things you could fix to turn everything around almost 180 degrees. But, since you can't do that, living with the present Lions will always feel bitter until some actual winning takes place.