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Adding Jason Campbell?

Interesting development in one of my fantasy football leagues (14-team league), as one of the GMs just dropped Mark Brunell (his back-up quarterback) for Jason Campbell.  Brunell has lingering injuries and has not delivered on the field, but Joe Gibbs has not indicated in any way that he will be replaced any time soon.  My immediate reaction was to check Yahoo!'s and ESPN's player pages to see if I was falling behind on my Redskins news.  Nothing.  So I briefly wondered if he knows something we don't?  Very doubtful.

But this move got me to thinking, even if Campbell was starting for Washington, would I want him on my fantasy team?  Even as a back-up? For all of the grief we here at Hogs Haven give the Redskins over the QB situation, I can't say I would jump at the chance to start, let alone pick up, Campbell.  Does this mean I should reconsider my position?

I'm really curious what the readers think about all of this.  To those who are continuing to call for Brunell's benching, would you willing to play Campbell on your own team?  (Only Fantasy GMs with Peyton Manning are exempt from this question.)