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Open Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Giants

Kickoff is in thirty minutes at 1:00PM Eastern. The game will be at Giants Stadium, where the weather is just fine.

Game appears to be the premier showing on Fox. Check out the broadcast map here.  Congrats Hawaii - you'll be watching the Skins beat the Giants.

Per usual you can also listen to the game for free here. Gameday previews are here and here.

Redskins injury report: Cornelius Griffin, Joe Salave'a, and Randy Thomas are all probable. Shawn Springs is out.

Giants injury report: Carlos Emmons, Sinorice Moss, and Derrick Ward are all out. No brothers Moss brawl. Also, Eli Manning's ability to mature into a capable QB has been missing for over a year and is now feared dead.

Consider this your Washington Redskins open thread. Post all comments, hopes, dreams, aspirations, predictions, and recipes below.

Let's go Redskins.