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It's like the blob

SB Nation keeps growing and growing. Please welcome Turf Show Times the new St. Louis Rams blog. The host there, VanRam, seems like a knowledgeable enough fellow, so stop by and let him know what you think of the new blog.

Now, let's take a moment to criticize their mascot:

We shall call him Demon-Goat, the ass panhandler

The Official Opinion Of Hogs Haven is that the SB Nation football logos are taking necessary steps in the right direction. If you remember, the last new logo was a mean looking eagle complements of Bleeding Green Nation. Still, I suspect that the Big Pig would have a distinct advantage over the new Demon-Goat. Although the football helmet-to-horn headbutt would be an honorable matchup worthy of paperview, we wonder how either the Demon-Goat or Mean Eagle would combat the glaring rays of the sun. As you can clearly see, our own Big Pig has cleverly protected himself from sun-glare with practically placed black paint just below the eyes. In daylight conditions the Big Pig would clearly be favored over either NFC opponent.

At night this wouldn't even be a close matchup, as everyone know that wild pigs are widely recognized as nocturnal killers.
Advantage: Your Hogs Haven Mascot, the Big Pig.