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Redskins News 10/6

Here is what's happening:

-- Extreme Skins has an interview with Antwaan Randle-El and claims that "When it comes to racing Tana, Tana's got me by a nose." Don't know about that, but we love you anyways ARE.

-- Vinny Cerrato, Vice President of Football Operations for the Redskins, started a blog today (I believe registration is required). According to Joe Gibbs and Dan Sneider, Vinny is the reason we lose. Just kidding. Or are they?

-- I don't know whether it's good or bad news, but Jason Whitlock thinks the Redskins are one Shawn Springs away from being the best team in the NFL.

-- High praise for Al Saunders from Chris Collinsworth. If you torch the Jaguars defense for nearly 500 yards people will start to come around.

-- One of the lesser known transformations this year has been Mike Sellers development into a punishing blocker for Portis. Last year Sellers was best known for owning property in the endzone, which he visited frequently. With the addition of TJ Duckett, it wasn't clear that Sellers would be seeing much playing time. In fact he's seen more, as an increasingly dominant blocking force in front of Portis. In case you didn't notice, I'm a big Mike Sellers fan.

-- Lavar Arrington is a damn thief.

-- WARNING: Extremely hot pictures of Redskins Cheerleaders. Handle with care. Here are highlights from the Jags game you shouldn't have missed. God bless you NFL Cheerleader Blog.

Did I miss anything important (uhm, cheerleader links are above)? Let me know if in the comments section.