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Another Week, Another Five Questions

The Curly R has his weekly 5 questions up, this time exchanging with blogger James Trotta over at NFL-Giants. As always, here is a highlight from Ben's blog:

Curly R: Finishing Strong or Finished Off?. After winning the Division last season, expectations for 2006 were high for the Giants. The team had to deal with injuries and controversy on the week off, and the Giants already have a problem coming off the bye, where they are a combined 3-14. Can they turn it around? How do you see the NFC East shaking out?

NFL-Giants: It's true that the Giants have sucked after byes for a while. I don't follow statistics like that; to me the players control the game and history isn't even an influence. Can they beat the Redskins? Yes. The Redskins have the weakest offense of the teams the Giants have played so far (basing this on performance to date, not potential). Either the Giants defense will pull itself together and the Giants will win or the Redskins offense will have breakout game and the Giants will lose. I see the Giants winning the NFC East (the defense will wake up sooner rather than later), Dallas finishing second (Strong defense will win some games and their receiving threats will win a few more for them), the Redskins third (I don't see enough depth to withstand more than a couple of injuries), and the Eagles 4th (their injury problems are already costing them games).

I include this quote because I want readers to notice the 3-14 record the Giants have after bye weeks (which I don't think is meaningless, as Coach Coughlin is 0-2 after the bye since joining the Giants in 2004). I'm also interested to hear which metric "bas[ed] this on performance to date" has the Seattle offense outperforming the Redskins this year? Finally I want to highlight that a blogger for the 1-2 Giants speaks with such confidence about a division win. I encourage all readers to, in a civil fashion, let this Giants fan know what you think of his division prognostication. Also remember to check out the rest of the interview here or here. Generous amounts of relevant Giants information included.

Update [2006-10-6 13:1:5 by Skin Patrol]: Check out Ben's responses here. Always a great read.