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Bad Timing

The importance of this week not withstanding, due to personal matters I will be unable to provide the frequent content that I usually do for the next few days. Normal posting frequency should resume later in the week.

With that in mind, I strongly encourage Hogs Haven readers to provide their own discussion by utilizing the Diary Section located on the right hand side of the Website. I will be frequently visiting the site to comment and keep an eye on any discussions that (hopefully) pop up and will happily promote Diary entries of particular interest to the front page.

I want to remind readers that this website is first and foremost a community and the content on it is driven as much by your insightful comments and thoughts as it is by your frequently rambling host. I encourage all visitors to Hogs Haven to register (I swear it can be done in under 1 minute) and participate as well.

I appreciate all the readers and your patience with this personal matter that I must attend to. As I said, normal posting should proceed later in the week. Cheers and Hail To The Redskins.