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Quiet Day. Why not do a Blog Roll?

Here's what is happening around the Blog World:

-- The Curly R has a well written piece on the Moss/Coles trade that has made the Washington Offense what it is today.

-- My Cowboy blogging nemesis Grizz covers the Haynesworth/Gurode boot gate, among other things.

-- WCG at Windy City Gridiron points out that ESPN's new power rankings have Chicago at number 1. The Redskins? 17th. No flipping respect.

-- Pride of Detroit remains positive despite it all.

-- Behind The Steel Curtain has his weekly Pick 'em standings. Your humble host is getting his proverbial ass bulldozed around. But I break late, trust me. Also check out their AFC Power Rankings.

-- Stampede Blue has an interview with Music City Miracles. They also discuss that idiot Haynesworth.

-- Check out Big Cat Country's Postgame Hangover. We sympathize RCR. We really do. But not really.

-- At least somebody still sticks up for Jeff Fischer.

-- Chris at Arrowhead Pride takes a stab at responding to KC critics. A W is a W in the NFL, so be proud of that. Who cares that it was only the 49ers? In any event, if KC is the real deal they'll prove it soon against a contender. We sympathize after the lower-than-normal expectations generated after our shellacking of the Texans two weeks ago.

What'd I miss?