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Good Morning Redskins News

Redskins are recovering slowly from a series of injuries. Here is a list of players who have missed practice recently:

Mark Brunell (ribs)
Santana Moss (hamstring)
Antwaan Randle-El (heel)
Clinton Portis (ankle)
Chris Samuels (general soreness? Huh? We're 2-5?)
Marcus Washington (unknown)
Lemar Marshall (unknown)

This is all per Howard Bryant's WaPo article Redskins Assess the Damage which also has this enticing nugget:

In Brunell's absence, another curious and possibly important event took place: For the first time in his young career, quarterback Jason Campbell took all the snaps with the first team on consecutive days. The move could be significant, a sign that the Redskins acknowledge that the disastrous events of the first seven games have accelerated their timetable for getting Campbell prepared to play. Or it could just mean that Campbell merely was filling in for Brunell and is no closer to being activated for his first NFL game, never mind his first start.

You all know my position, so I'm hoping for the former. The biggest news here is that it has been repeated ad nauseum by Brunell supporters that Jason Campbell isn't ready, has failed to impress the coaches, or some variation thereof. My retort is that if he hasn't had an opportunity to take reps with the first team then it wouldn't be at all clear that he has had the opportunity to impress.

In any event, this isn't news until something develops from it. I'll keep you posted as more information is released. Fortunately none of the above mentioned injuries appear serious, and the added bye week should give the already injured Redskins, like Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers, plenty of time to heal.