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Introducing Pro Football Talk

I enjoy Pro Football Talk. They are unburdened by things like accountability and responsible journalism, and thus are free to speculate with their various unnamed sources on any given story. They also happen to get their scoops right just enough so that you ignore them at your own discretion.

They reported this morning that the Redskins and Cowboys were involved in a tug-of-war over Jeff Fischer (scroll down).

Per the source, the rumor is that Snyder would buy out the provision in the contract of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams that promises him a seven-figure sum if he's not the next head coach, and then go after Fisher -- if, of course, Joe Gibbs doesn't come back for 2007.
First notice that "per the source" is an unnamed "industry source". Who knows.

When I heard the news I was incredibly troubled. I always handle PFT stories with a liberal amount of skepticism, but often times they are a great scoop.

Also, as much as I respect what Fischer has done for the Titans (taking them to the Superbowl), I'm not exactly keen on replacing HoF Gibbs with a 1-5 coach. And although I'm not enamored of Gregg Williams and Al Saunderer this year I still think one or both of them is the future of this franchise in a post-Gibbs world.

Thankfully PFT just backtracked about an hour ago:

A Redskins source has responded to the rumor that owner Dan Snyder will pursue Titans coach Jeff Fisher if Joe Gibbs packs it in after the season by calling the rumor "nonsense."...

Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has a clause in his contract that promises to pay him $1 million if he is not hired as the successor to Gibbs.

Question to readers: is Gregg Williams the future head coach of this franchise? If not, who would you want to replace St. Joe?