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There Might Be Something Wrong With Your Secondary If...

And don't be suprised if this guy has a lot to do with it:

Presenting you the highest paid Safety in NFL history.

  1. An injured 33 year old Defensive End has 3 times as many passes defensed as your starting Strong Safety.
  2. That same Defensive End leads your team in interceptions... with one.
  3. Walt Harris, who you cut, has more interceptions in one game than your entire team.
  4. You're playing Mike Rumph against Marvin Harrison. Touchdown Colts!
  5. You're playing Mike Rumph... at all.
  6. Vince Young completes over 50% of his passes against you and wins.
  7. Only the Green Bay Packers (worst pass defense in the league) has given up more plays of 20 yards or more.
  8. Only the Texans have fewer interceptions than you.
  9. Your best cornerback had to have his abdomen reattached to his groin (YEEEOUCH) this year.
  10. 3 out of 7 of the QBs you've faced had their season best games against you (Peyton Manning, Byron Leftwich, and Vince Young)
Readers did I miss any?