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It's a Big Saturday

Consider this your Saturday College Football open day thread. Feel free to discuss scores, highlights, hopes and aspirations.

By the way, the SportsBlog Nation is growing at an alarming speed. We welcome our first NFC South blogger to the fold: Dave the Falconer over at The Falcoholic will be covering the Atlanta Michael Vicks for SBN. Head on over to his site and give him a big yellow. By the way the Skins play the Falcons on December 3rd.

Now to the important stuff; Mascot Deathmatch. Here's what Dave is Falconing:

Brrgawk that Big Pig would ruin my ass!

No contest. I'll give it points for being an eerie red (slightly suggestive of "demon bird" origins) but really this bird brings nothing to the table that a killer helmet and a face paint doesn't. Big Pig by a landslide. Sorry Dave.

But wait, there's more. We also welcome the first General Football blog to the SBN flock with The Football Monologues. If it sounds eerily similar to The Vagina Monologues it's because that's the point: TFM is a blog devoted to the ginormous untapped resource that is the Female Football Fanbase. So please, direct all your sisters, mothers, aunts, wives, girlfriends, and mistresses towards this invaluable new addition to the SB Nation. A teaser:

The goal of The Monologues is to educate, unite, and entertain women across America. Football has become the favorite sport of women to watch on TV and I am here to welcome this new wave of football fans with open arms. This female football phenomenon is a place for women to learn the rules of the game, pick up tips for their fantasy football teams, learn the latest NFL gossip and meet other women who share a love for the game...



And the newest mascot:

How about some (Big) Pig on Pig (skin) action? I need to get out more.

Definitely stop by both new blogs and give Dave and futbolgoddess a big hello. Welcome aboard.

This is your Saturday football open thread, so feel free to pine on endlessly about anything and everything. Cheers and I hope your weekend is going well.


PS: Also remember to stop by our resident Colts blogger Big Blue Shoe at Stampede Blue at some point and cheer for your Skins. We're going to try and do some cross-blogging during the game. Post your game predictions below or on his site.