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What'd he say? 10/20/06

News Roll:

-- Which is the toughest division? Adam Schefter, Gil Brandt (who is correct), and Blowhole Esiason say it's the East. Rod Woodson gives us half a vote tied with the AFC North. Sound off Boomer!

"The most competitive division would have to be the NFC East. Even with Washington at 2-4, that team is every bit of an enigma, and I think all four teams are going to win their home games against one another, with the exception of the Giants at the Eagles. That said, this leads me to believe there might only be one team from this division to make the playoffs, even though three of these teams have playoff-caliber rosters. All four teams have high-profile coaches, good defenses, big-time running backs and playmakers at the skill positions. It will be one brutal season within this division."

Golly thanks for giving the East their due Boomer, even with Washington at 2-4. But all four teams have good defenses? Who are you kidding?

-- Even though Collinsworth picked the NFC South as the toughest division, he found the time to validate me by ranking Santana Moss ahead of Terrell Owens. Pfffft, been there done that.

-- I suggested earlier this week that defensive tackle Joe Salave'a might not play this weekend. Well thankfully maybe I was wrong: Salave'a was upgraded to probable today and looks good for this sunday. We need all the help we can get.

-- Ben over at The Curly R has a brilliant rant about the Skins only rushing 19 times against the then worst rushing defense in the league. New honors go to the Colts. My faith in this team's gameplanning is currently in a bit of a recession, so I'll put the over/under at 18. If we abandon the run with a lead against the Titans, I've got a feeling we won't even find the run (much less abandon it) against the Colts. Pray I'm wrong.

-- Lee Gibbons over at The Redskin Report... is calling for Todd Collins?!? Don't take my word for it and read his entire post, which does have some fair points.

The most important thing is to monitor Mark Brunell. Its been proven multiple times over the past few years that Brunell is useless if anything happens to his legs. Toughness might be an admirable trait, but losing a game because Brunell's gimping through another 5 for 16 doesn't help. Brunell's played well enough this year to keep this job (at least until the Redskins are officially eliminating), but a fully healthy Todd Collins is better than a limping Brunell.

Psssst. Jason Campbell is on this team too.

-- Adam Archuleta wins boneheaded comment of the week award. Hat tip: DC Sports Bog for this gem (emphasis added):

"This is the best defense I've ever been on by far, but we're underachieving," Archuleta said. "Everybody knows that and that's disappointing. Everyone on our defense has demonstrated that they have a killer instinct. Now is the time to put it together as a collective unit and smack somebody. It's frustrating. The stuff we're doing out there is not the way we play. It's not us."

Well it was one of the best defenses... before you showed up. At least our old free safety Ryan Clark has been stinking it up in Pittsburgh, right? Not exactly. At least he has an interception.

-- Jack Kogod at AOL's The Fanhouse is blaming our woes on the linebackers. While I think our linebackers play has been sub-stellar this year, I'd say the lion's share of blame can be placed elsewhere... like the secondary. Brunell. The above-mentioned 19 rush gameplan against the Titans. Dan Snyder. Karma even? At this point I'm not ruling much out.

In other news I had an epiphany last night where I decided that my true calling is to become a coach. I haven't told my girlfriend yet, though I'm sure she will be thrilled. I need a reader to talk me out of it. Soon.

HTTR and have a great weekend. Cheers.