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Don't look now: Injury update 10/18

If an upset against the Colts in their territory was looking unlikely to readers already, I've got more bad news. Our decimated secondary takes another hit, as Carlos Rogers will not play against the Colts due to a broken thumb. Most of you remember the thumb as the popular "opposable digit" frequently referenced in such ever useful activities as can-opening and intercepting passes. Even with the use of both thumbs, Rogers has been unable to perform the latter in 2006.

Feeling better yet? Ok then:

Shawn Springs said he was "about the same as last week," meaning that he's not yet ready for starting duty after missing five games with abdomen and groin injuries.

That means the starting Cornerbacks for the Washington Redskins are Mike Rumph and Kenny Wright as of now. Troy Vincent is a crafty 35 year old, but he cannot possibly have learned the defense in the past few days. The pass happy Colts haven't gotten much done on the ground thus far, which means they will turn to the air moreso than they already have. And with our depleted, injured, unskilled secondary, I fear this will turn into a real shootout. Or shutout. Or shitouttaluckout.

I'll continue piling it on, Washington Post Redskins beat writer Jason La Canfora thinks that starting defensive tackles Joe Salave'a and Cornelius Griffin will also be sitting out of this weekend's game. For those taking notes, Griffin and Salave'a are backed up by Anthony Montgomery (5th round draft pick), Kedric Golston (6th round draft pick) and Ryan Boschetti (undrafted in 2004). From Ryan Boschetti's official career highlights at

2004: Boschetti spent training camp with the Redskins but was released prior to the start of the regular season.

Now that's what I call a career highlight.

As if things could get any worse, I have failed to save any money on my car insurance. Feel free to keep it going in the comments section. God help us.