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The Redskins are (literally) killing me.

Let me first apologize for disappearing over the weekend. A huge thank you goes to reader Zknower who tended shop in my absence. Thank you for that.

I was so distraught over the Redskins loss to the Titans that I actually became physically ill. As a result, I missed (well I wouldn't say I missed it...) work and stayed in bed all day.

As of right now I'm still feeling incredibly miserable, largely because I am sick as a dog though also because the Redskins lost to an 0-5 Titans team at home. The Titans had how many rushing yards? 194? What the hell is wrong with our defense?

I'll have some more commentary up first thing tomorrow, if I make it into work. Right now I need rest and a box of tissues. We should have some interesting discussions this week regarding a few positions on this Football team. Changes need to be made. Tune in to offer your two cents.

Thanks again to zknower for taking care of the Haven while I was under the weather. I hope you all feel better than I do.