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Know thy enemy: Defense

The Tennessee Titans are kind of soft on defense. And by kind of I mean completely and by soft I mean horrible. They're currently ranked 30th in total defense. Or even 31st by some measures.

They're slightly better against the pass (18) than they are against the run (32) but that's not necessarily indicative of their defense. Tennessee has routinely been playing from behind for entire games, which means teams are running the ball on them. Still, Tennessee is giving up a healthy 4.7 yards per carry.

What's that mean for us? It means we dress TJ Duckett and stuff the ball down their throats the length of the game. We combine copious pitches to tire out their defensive ends with runs between the tackles to tire out the linebackers and tackles. I don't typically encourage a conservative game plan because I like a more exciting game, but this is the perfect opportunity to have a field day against a defense that is soft against the run. I think we can sustain drives utilizing the run (and a few well placed passes on third and 4-6 -- no point relying on Brunell to complete many 3rd and longs). We have three running backs capable of gaining yards against this defensive front in Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, and TJ Duckett. Duckett has been taking this entire no-playing-time thing in stride thankfully. I think it's time we got him involved especially in a scenario where he could come in and punish tiring tacklers.

The Titans have a pair of injury concerns in the depth department. Backups LB Robert Reynolds and  DT Jesse Mahelona were both banged up for last week's game. I don't know what their status is for the coming week, but I can't imagine they will be 100% which means the Titans will be limited in their ability to rotate out lineman and linebackers for tired players. The Redskins should exploit this.

Other than that, I think it's a pretty straight forward game. If we execute on offense we should do well. The Titans are not nearly as good as the Jaguars (or the Giants, or the Cowboys) and if we struggle against them it's time to start reevaluating our own offensive capabilities.