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Do the Redskins have a new (former) kicker?

At least according to Jason La Canfora's Post Blog, (an excellent resource for all Redskins fans) former Redskins kicker Nick Novak has returned to us and is the new (former) kicker of Your Washington Redskins.

I always felt that John Hall was a serviceable field goal kicker. The problem with Hall was not that he couldn't make field goals (he could... sort of) but rather that he was constantly injured and that he couldn't kick off to save his life either. And he didn't have any range. Since 2003, due to injury, he has not played an entire season nor has he made a 50+ yarder.

So we bring in some new blood. Novak is a capable kicker who is young and thus less injury prone. I think this is an upgrade, if only because John Hall has been so unimpressive as of late: he booted the tieing field goal against Minnesota and missed a 42 yarder last game when we were down 16-3.

Keep in mind this is still in complete rumor stage and I'm not sure if we have Novak yet. Jason La Canfora is a reliable source, though I will update with an "official" announcement pending said release.