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My Balls!!

Not sure who caught it but Jamison got kicked in the family jewels last night against the Pacers. What's funny is you can EASILY read Jamison's lips when the trainer asks where he got hit. Phil and...

Timberwolves Desperate Season Ticket Plan

So the T'Wolves are about as desperate as you can get to lure fans into watching their Garnett-less squad. I definitely gives props to the creative side of the contest. So the contest is: whatever...

Lebron Diss Songs Contine into Celtics/Cavs

I really questioned myself whether I should blog this or not, because I HATE giving attention to no-name people that write terrible songs...but, well, things that are so bad can sometimes be funny...

DeShawn Gets His Miley Cyrus on...

Blogging videos of yourself singing pop chart hits I thought was resticted for girls under the age 13...guess not.Deshawn Stevenson & Richard Millsap

Free Tickets for Gil & Magic Johnson Charity Game

See Magic Johnson, Gilbert Arenas and dozens of other celebrities at Freddie Mac's Hoops for the Homeless!Benefiting six nonprofit organizations throughout the national capital region, Freddie...


Well, it sucks. Once again we look stupid. Signing a player to a max contract with 2 knee injuries (presuming health) and he's out until January (yes, it got pushed back further). My biggest...

Taunting Lebron - Games 3 & 4

Alright Wizards fans, just like D.C. created the Jessica Simpson mask to heckle Tony Romo, the Ahern Inquirer has made one for Lebron. It is a lesser known fact, that Lebron James' Mom, Gloria, was...

White Out for Wizards Home Playoff Games

So the Wiz have announced a whiteout for our home playoff games. When it comes to DC sports, we are really bad at fan collaboration. The red out for the Caps games has given me some hope. GET IT...

DAGGGERRR!!! (1st one of 2008-2009)

So the Wizards impressively beat Utah on a great effort from Javale and Caron. It took 5 games for something to cheer about, but Steve Buckhantz had his mid-season "Dagger!" ready for fire.

If We Can't Enjoy the Wiz, We Might as Well Profit Off of Them....

So we at Ahern consider ourselves gambling sauvvy. We're 2-0 when betting against the Wiz this year. I just watched the Wiz lose to the Heat tonight, and I was in shock to see the Wiz were favored...

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