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What a bad game


I would add punctuation but what's the point? The badness of the field result was beyond question mark. My quick, no sleep necessary on this one thoughts: Don't blame the defense. We lost the...

The Redskins should not do this where they sleep.


Even dogs know better: don't shit the bed. But we did. What this isn't is some NcNabb-like attempt at taking something away from the St. Louis Rams. They won. We lost, but our losing was...

Coach Zorn inexcusably leaves valuable points on the board, or, why "Extra" "Points"... aren't


In his short tenure as our Head Coach, Jim Zorn already has proven the disturbing proclivity for leaving points on the board. This kind of dramatic coaching error is simply inexcusable moving...

You cannot compare Fred Smoot's hands to Carlos Rogers' hands


If nothing else, that's what one should take away from Dan Steinberg's investigative piece into the state of Carlos Rogers' hands, per the mouths of Coach Zorn, Fred Smoot, and Rogers (as himself): ...

We lost, I'm angry, etc.


These are my brief, uncollected thoughts having been drinking for most of the game and existing in a bitterly disappointed state, currently. I think these things are best analyzed with the benefit...

Sean Taylor gone, but never forgotten, even in the strangest places


Take, for instance, a Hawaii vs. Washington College Football game: Which could help to explain why Redskins Nation has so quickly taken to Colt Brennan. Last week my love of football and...

Training Camp has not been kind to the Redskins


The only good news is that Ben is back, the bad news chronicled well over at Redskin Report by Lee Gibbons: Devin Thomas, Hamstring Malcom Kelly, Hamstring Phillip Daniels, Knee Alex...

Washington Redskins saved by our Judicial Overlords


Unfortunate that it has come to this. This is not a political or law blog so I apologize to the extent this post becomes about either topic. It's rare for my two passions the two things I do...

Roary the Lion was a #1 seed?


I don't know how that happened, but hat tip to Hog Heaven's Anthony Brown (they have an entire stable of writers, now, which makes me jealous) for alerting me to CBS Sportsline's quintessentially...

Is the end of the salary cap era upon us?


My quick editorial on the salary cap, the current CBA, etc: I love it. This is a strange position for a Redskins fan, since there are few, if any, franchises that would benefit more from an end to...

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