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Nick Adenhart, Angels pitcher and Redskins fan, killed by drunk driver


By now, I'm sure you've already heard about Los Angeles Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart having been killed in a car accident in a hit and run incident with a drunk driver. What you might not have known is that Nick is originally from Hagerstown, and was a Redskins fan. In this age of new media, we have Nick's Myspace profile preserved. If you look under his profile pictures, he has a somewhat haunting, yet now even more poignant, tribute to Sean Taylor. Nick was one of us. If you get a chance, go to that Halos Heaven thread and express your condolences -- and mention your unique connection to Nick.

Long Distance Dedication: Introducing A Redskins Fan in the Desert of Arizona


Introducing "Long Distance Dedication" -- a new weekly column on Hogs Haven documenting the trials and tribulations of Washington Redskins fanship from a viewpoint far outside the Beltway.



An analysis of the Redskins' strong season, and their biggest personnel weakness.

Remembering Sean Taylor


RIP Sean Taylor.

The Good, the Bad, and the Zorny


Analysis of Redskins vs Seahawks

Reed Doughty placed on Injured Reserve


This is actually a two safety loss for the season. Via Redskins 360: Finally, some news coming out of the Park although none of it is coming from the front office. Reserve safety Justin...


[mmford10's thoughts] on the Redskins/Cowboys, [because I] wanted to hear them

[Note by Skin Patrol, 09/29/08 6:54 PM EDT ] Promoted but unedited, except for title. I tagged it as well. Few things that our Redskins offer us are anywhere nearly as satisfying as a win over...

The Murf scores Santana Moss interview and Chris Horton chats at the Times 2PM


Homer McFanboy aka The Murf posted his interview with Santana Moss, which makes him big time, tastes like this: As everyone knows, you went to the University of Miami. During your college...

Slow clap wants Dallas


Hat tip Extreme Skins all over this DMN article with accompanying YouTube video: Redskins fans, who chanted "We want Dallas!!!" late in last week's win over the Cardinals, might consider Sept....

Redskins remember the Ewoks


(You are not reading about this because I refuse to have anything to say on the subject. Readers are free to discuss whatever they'd like.) Long odds those furry critters had against the evil...

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