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Check this mock draft out...or else!!!


This mock will be viewed as very good in some eyes. Others will say it sucks. Which one of those groups do you belong to? Check it out and tell me what you think!

He’s Not Pass-Happy. He’s Confident


St. Louis Rams’ QB Sam Bradford isn’t certain that the exodus of Steven Jackson means the Rams will be "pass happy" in 2013. He’s confident with his arsenal of wideouts though…

Sam Bradford: Are The Pieces In Place To Succeed?


You roll your eye, but you know it's true. With each year the St. Louis Rams add a wide receiver (WR) to their roster, there's at least a part of every fan that wonders if this will be enough...

Oklahoma loses game, Bradford, title hopes


Sam Bradford Well, that was sure a fun 2009 college football season for the Oklahoma Sooners. One and done. The Sooners, who eight months...

Mayock: Luck is great, but not a "once in a lifetime" prospect


Draft guru Mike Mayock offers a sobering view on Andrew Luck and the infatuation with the Stanford product. Furthermore, Mayock compares Luck's talent level to Sam Bradford's (this isn't a bad thing), claims that Peyton Manning was a better prospect in terms of pure talent, and raves about Robert Griffin III. Is the gap between Luck and RG3 quickly closing?

SB & JL in Kuwait!


Forum post about Bradford and Laurinaitis in Kuwait.. and some interesting quotes!

A Fuckload of Wampum


That's what Sam Bradford just ended up putting in his pocket. It shows Stoops was totally right in getting Bradford to come back and get injured. Twice. Bob Stoops and Robert Johnson are tight. T...

Kate Gosselin Evaluates The Rookie QB Class


I look to Dallas for a half dozen things: big city attitude paired with small town ignorance, Clipper Cooper Junior League raffle escapades, leading innnovations in vagina tightening laser surgery...

Bob Stoops (Hee-Hee!) Talks Draft


The Barking Carnival found Bob Stoops’ telephone! We were holding a teambuilding exercise at a corporate training location on the northbound access road of I-35, just south of Walnut Hill in...

The NFL Draft: One Week Out


Some interesting things afoot. I somehow missed that the 1st round will happen on Thursday evening, April 22nd, 7:30 ET. Hello, Earl and Sergio. Earl is sneaking into the Top 10, baby. Believe...

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