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New projected salary cap numbers - good news for the Nets

New projected salary cap numbers for next year came out, and the salary cap is expected to be about 3 million more than previously thought, and more importantly for Nets the luxury tax is now...


Salary cap jail coming? I don't think so, but ...

A lot of talk right now about how the Broncos are "all in" this year, and may be mortgaging their future. I just don't buy it. They have managed their cap space and drafted well for a smooth...

Reactions from the trade deadline

How did the Lightning -- and their biggest Eastern Conference rivals -- do at the 2014 NHL trade deadline?


What Does Cortland Finnegan's Release Mean?

By Christopher Daniel Cortland Finnegan’s pending release from the St. Louis Rams is a major statement by head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead. First of all, this...

Mack won't negotiate during season, he's earned it

Jason La Canfora reported that center Alex Mack is not open to negotiating a contract extension during the season, citing a league source. He's earned not only that right, but the payday coming to him as well.

Salary cap floor? Irrelevant.

Much has been made about the 76ers needing to add salary to reach the salary cap floor. Without any real penalty if the 76ers don't reach it, the team isn't likely to make personnel decisions based on reaching the floor.

Sixers Capology: Why Lower Cap = Better for Sixers

The NBA not making as much money as expected lowered the cap number. Unlike everything else ever, this could work out well for the Sixers.

It's Easy To Overlook A Ninja

Consider this post an apology to the stealthy defensive end and to Rick Smith for bringing him to Houston in the first place.

Brooks & Dunn released

Sorry, sometimes a headline presents itself and I've gotta post it. But the release of Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers does represent one of the few things I think is...


Should the Steelers think about moving Troy? Yes

Troy Polamalu is everything that is right about football. He plays with heart and fire, making countless plays over the years that are beyond the imagination. I don't think we'll ever read his name...

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