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Could the Chicago Bears be on HBO's Hard Knocks?


The hit HBO series Hard Knocks has had trouble finding a willing participant in years past, but that changes this year. The NFL can pick any team to be featured for the show, as long as they pass...

Is Everton the Bizarro Fiorentina?


Since I am finally calming down after the Juventus win, I am able to rationally turn my mind to the first leg of the exciting UEFA Cup tie taking place this Thursday between Fiorentina and Everton....

Super Frankie Lampard


Frank Lampard came on as a second-half substitute for England against Estonia on Saturday and was booed. Not for the first time and I am sure until Super Frank retires from representing the...

Reading 1-2 Chelsea 'We Want Our Title Back.....'


How much more good news do you want in a space of a few days? Firstly Man Utd drop points at home to Reading (and from a club point of view and NOT England), Rooney gets injured. Chelsea win their...

What does World Class mean? | Which Premiership Players are World Classs?


There’s a lot of talk about the need to sign "world class" players but how do you define the term? Is world class just another way to describe a player – like "good" or "great"? Or is it a literal...

Liverpool 0, Man U 1


I hate it when refereeing decides a match, especially 'judgement' calls. This match was clearly Liverpool's to win, they out-played and out-classed Man U, while Rafa's tactics made Fergie look...

Liverpool - Man U: Halftime Notes


- Xabi got a card. Ha ha ha. What a joke. Atkinson is so unprofessional it's pathetic, there's obviously something personal there. - Momo is playing well, but a couple of times he tried to force...



I do not think Ringhio's perfomance yesterday could be summed up in words. He literally made the midfield his, while making certain that CRonaldo was suffocated on every single attack. It was a...

Fan Focus - Man United (A) Pre-Match Views


On Boxing Day, Europe-bound SAFC travel to Old Trafford seeking some Christmas cheer. For this weeks Fan Focus, Roker Report spoke with Man United fan Steven Williams. Despite having the affliction...



The World Cup is 20 days away. Have you watched this sick Nike video yet? Some genius cameos in there...

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