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Chris Cooley Interview NBC Washington


Really good, candid interview with Cooley. Pretty funny story about Gibbs believing Cooley was a mormon when he first arrived. Gutted to see this guy go.

New Era "On Field" Fitted


Has anyone seen these yet? These seem much better than the Draft day ones. I still wish they had the Curly "R" that Nike made.

Cool Redskins Highlights


I found a place with cool highlights of the redskins, but some are a little old, by that I mean 1 year or so. (If you don't like the music I suggest these NFL films songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEXCpLOd1NE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEpLZrepuLQ& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyIHELHwq6I )

Pryor ineligible for Supplemental Draft.....


PFT is reporting Pryor is ineligible for the Supplemental Draft.....one big collective sigh of relief for Skins fans! **There is a chance he can be ruled eligible at a later date but time is tick, tick, ticking!!!

NF Post reports Stokley won't sign


Too many wide receivers. Looks like he's been reading the HH comments



Hard to see how we don't sign him. I don't understand why teams like the Vikings are passing on him. There's nothing wrong with 79 catches, and he has a very low dropped ball percentage. He is also known as a good blocker. He's 6'2". Who would we cut? Roydell? Galloway?

Saints to Complete Trifecta of Redskin's Cast-Offs


Apparently the Redskins are so popular that the Saint's are courting their 3rd Redskins Ex (qb) in as many years. First Brunell, then Chase Daniel, and now the incomparable Patrick Ramsey. Enjoy this one New Orleans, because he's been rode hard and hung up wet.

what's in a number?


a look at the new Redskins jersey numbers, with a nod to the old...

Hogs Haven Featured in the Washingtonian


Check out the article for some tough questions. I'm curious to know your all's reactions for our 2010 predictions.

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