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Saying what's up and a Greg Blache tribute


Greg Blache talks, we listen, everything the man says is fascinating.

Did you hear that Vinny Cerrato has a radio show? Cool story, bro.


Typical blogging behavior: You read a thousand things about the same subject, get flustered over the coverage, and then become part of the problem by complaining about it. This is foolish of me,...


Players to fit the Scheme vs Scheme to fit the Players

What did Redskins fans expect going into this season, that Jason Campbell and the rest of the offense would be running on all cylinders?

Redskins Roundtable


Indebted to Dillweed of Post Game Heroes [ED NOTE: Their post is up here] for taking the iniative on the initial Redskins Roundtable, currently involving just a small smattering of questions...

Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers are only fashionably late to this party


It has been alleged that tomorrow evening both Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers will take snaps in an actual pretend football game. This is quite miraculous given the gravity of their injuries. In...

Fred Davis distingushing himself as catch of the 'Skins 2nd round draft


Very unfortunate news via Redskins Insider (hat tip to CptChaosSidekick): "He wasn't in condition to go through a training camp like this," Zorn said of Kelly. "He really wasn't." Kelly and...

Colts/Redskins recap: So Jim Zorn coaches quarterbacks?


Let's get this out of the way: Your Head Coach wins his game-calling debut 30-16 and his quarterbacks play out of their minds, the hyperbole will run wild. So that I don't have to keep reminding...

Do not intrigue us long, Coach Zorn


I love Coach Zorn and have Great Expectations for the coming season, so don't interpret this as even a modest criticism of the coach, but I don't know if an "intriguing" is really all that...

Around the internet: Training Camp roundup


First, though, I'll open with my closing thoughts on TC from yesterday. I'm trying not to pilfer too much from the fine works of Gary Fitzgerald over at the Official Site, but he identified some c...

Sherman Smith was named offensive coordinator of the Redskins in 1994


Unknown at the time to the contractual participants, a promise was made sometime around 1994 that would ultimately land Sherman Smith at his current home and occupation in Washington D.C. as Your...

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